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Expert Business Advice For Lichfield’s Business Start-Ups

If you are a new business start-up, Ollerenshaws Financial Accountants offers a full range of accounting services and business advice that are the perfect solution for all types of new businesses, including business plans, company formation, payroll services, VAT and tax preparation. At Lichfield, we can help you every step of the way so you can focus on building your business and brand while we take care of your finances. We understand that as the owner of a business start-up, you are going to be busy trying to undertake multiple roles, being cautious with your limited funds and cutting costs wherever possible.

It’s easy to let your accounts and finances slip because something more important always needs your attention. This could seem like a good idea at first, but in the long run, it could negatively impact your potential growth and ability to raise external funding. That is why we offer cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting services for start-ups and small businesses that were not established long ago. We ensure your business has every chance of succeeding in this very challenging and difficult climate as a new business. Contact us for more information.

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Accounting For Business Start-Ups

The start-up phase is a particularly important time for any business or company, and you must do things properly at the outset. To date, we have assisted many clients in setting up their own businesses, which are now very successful.

In our experience, clients are often unaware of the amount of administration involved in setting a business up correctly to avoid future accounting and HMRC problems. Our range of business start-up expertise and services include:

  • Preparing A Business Plan

  • Incorporating A Limited Company

  • Opening A Bank Account

  • Applying For VAT Registration

  • Setting Up A Payroll Scheme

  • Applying For Corporation Tax Registration

  • Setting Up An Accounting System

Assured Advice You Can Count On

We have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to look after your business's start-up planning affairs. We bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained through years of experience to assist your business in a precise and measured manner. We ensure we deliver the most relevant and beneficial start-up advice for your business.

Setting Up Your Business In Lichfield? Trust The Expertise Of Business Start-Ups. Contact Us On 01543 481329.

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