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Streamline Your VAT Returns In Lichfield With Us

At Ollerenshaws Financial Accountants, we assist with VAT Returns in Lichfield and nearby areas. VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged on most goods or services sold or provided by a VAT-registered business in the UK. It is charged whenever a VAT-registered business sells to another business or to a final consumer. If your business trades in goods or services that qualify as ‘taxable supplies’ and your turnover exceeds the £85,000 VAT threshold, you are required to register for VAT. You may, by choice, register for VAT even if your turnover is well within the threshold and you are unlikely to exceed it any time soon.

If your business is VAT registered and charging VAT on the goods and services that you sell, you may reclaim the VAT you paid when buying goods or services from other businesses. Once registered for VAT, you do not have to deal with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in person concerning your VAT affairs. You can appoint a third party to deal with them on your behalf.

We can help you register for VAT and, after that, can act on your behalf to ensure that your VAT returns are completed accurately and efficiently to avoid penalties. We can advise you on which VAT schemes are available and which could save you money. Need more information? Contact us today.

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Accounting For VAT Returns

VAT advice is popular, with varying VAT schemes being available, such as the flat rate scheme, cash accounting and annual accounting scheme. Also, VAT legislation is changing. For example VAT MOSS; so it is important for your accountant to be up-to-date. VAT returns are prepared and submitted for clients in a timely manner and the service can vary from completing the whole bookkeeping and VAT return process, to a check of the client’s figures and submission to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Our range of VAT expertise and services include:

  • Helping You To Register For VAT

  • Advising You On Using The Flat Rate Scheme

  • Completion Of VAT Returns

  • Assisting In VAT Investigations

  • Negotiation With HMRC In Disputes

  • Vat Deregistration

Assured Advice You Can Count On

We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to look after your VAT affairs. We bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained through years of experience to assist your business in a precise and measured manner. We ensure that we deliver the most relevant and beneficial VAT advice for your business.

Need Assistance With VAT Returns? Contact Our Experts On 01543 481329.

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