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Your Go-To For Self-Assessment Tax Returns In Lichfield

At Ollerenshaws Financial Accountants in Lichfield, we offer personal financial services and professional assistance to sole traders and businesses to help them fulfil their tax obligations. An individual has to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return to HMRC every year if they have more than one source of income or any other source of income other than employment. We provide a personal financial service and also provide our clients with a professional service that helps sole traders and businesses meet their tax obligations.


When it comes to self-assessment tax returns, businesses generally prefer to use the specialist services of professional accountants for peace of mind, tax-efficient scheme maximisation, and outsourcing the time and complexity of managing financial accounts and tax burdens. We provide a full Self-Assessment Tax Return service. We will discuss with you what kind of information we will need from you to undertake the completion of your tax return. We are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have at any time. We ensure that our clients follow the taxation regulations without needing to manage the onerous administration required for self-assessment and that they do not pay any more tax than they are legally required to. We can advise on legal measures and allowances that help our clients to avoid paying excess tax.


We will prepare and complete your tax return once we have all the information we need from you. We look through the data you provide and let you know how long the preparation time will take. We have years of experience to make sure that your self-assessment is completed correctly and will check if there is anything else you should include on your tax return. For more details on personal tax services, please get in touch with us. We can also help you with rental income tax returns.

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Accounting For Self-Assessment And Tax Returns

Tax legislation frequently changes, and as online tax returns will soon be mandatory, what’s required can be confusing. This lack of understanding poses a risk through late payment fines and penalties due to incorrect data being supplied.


To save you time and unnecessary headaches, we can complete your self-assessment requirements and submit your tax return online on your behalf.  Our expertise and services include:

  • Self-Assessment Tax Return Completion

  • Tax Liability Calculation

  • Tax Return Online Submission

  • Acting As Your Agent For HMRC Enquiries And Investigations

Assured Advice You Can Count On

We can advise you on what is required from you for HMRC and can confirm what payments or refunds need to be allocated. We have years of expertise working on behalf of various clients to ensure your tax returns are in the safest of hands.

Need Help With Self-Assessment Tax Returns In Lichfield? Contact Us On 01543 481329.

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